nuro and 2 mri

Hello to everyone

im hoping you can help with this

i came round from a opp with no feeling below the waist this lead to them eventualy doing a mri.

**disk problems got sent to a nuro he ordered another scan.**It says multiple small foci of high FLAIR siginal in cerebral white matter.not typical for demyelination.

A tiny focus of high T2 signal in cervical cord atC7 antifactual. Ive had a few symptioms over the years at the moment im having balance and light sensitive,and shouting when meaning to talk quitely like middle of sentance. im not sure what all this means x thank you for any help xx

ps also when nuro did the panio tuner on foot

pain shoot up right side of body and hurt like heck white flach before eyes and pain shot out my head. what dose that mean im a litte scared by all of this thank you all in advance sandra x

Hello Sandra and welcome :slight_smile: I can explain the report, but before I do that, did it say “not typical of demyelination”? (I’m wondering if autocorrect has changed the wording.) Karen x

It says non specific and nit typical for demyelination for thebrain Hello and thank you for your help sorry it tock so long im on my phone and its playing me up.thank you Also says appearances may be due to chronic small vessel ischaemic change. Im totaly lost now thank you so much xxx

Please remember that I am not a radiologist or a neurologist.

“multiple small foci of high FLAIR siginal in cerebral white matter.not typical for demyelination.” This means that you had multiple small white spots in your brain on the type of scan called FLAIR. The spots were in the biggest part of the brain, the cerebrum. The brain has three main parts: the cerebrum (the big part, on the top), the cerebellum (a smaller, roundish part underneath the back of the cerebrum) and the brain stem (which is the part that leads to the spinal cord). The brain has three main types of stuff / “matter”: gray matter (which does all the encoding, storage, processing, “thinking”), white matter (which carries the signals between the bits of gray matter) and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF; which acts a bit like oil in an engine). So your white spots are in the white matter. Demyelination is one of the processes in MS. It is when the immune system wrongly attacks the myelin coating of nerves, making them work slower and sometimes get badly damaged or die. Your white spots (aka “lesions”) do not look like they are due to demyelination. The radiologist can tell this because of where they are and what they look like on the FLAIR scan and other types of scan. This means that they do not think it is MS or any other demyelinating disease.

“A tiny focus of high T2 signal in cervical cord atC7 antifactual”. This means that there was a tiny white spot near the C7 vertebrae (low in your neck) on a type of scan called T2. Artifactual means that they do not think it is a lesion - they think that it is just an error of the scanner (these happen occasionally).

“chronic small vessel ischaemic change” means that they believe that you have something causing restricted blood flow to your brain’s small blood vessels which is causing small areas of damage (and therefore your symptoms) and that it has been going on for a while. This is the sort of thing that can be found in people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, but also in some neurological conditions.

So, it’s not MS, but it does need diagnosed and treated. If you aren’t seeing your neuro for a while, you could ask your GP for some advice about things that you can do in the meantime to reduce the chances of more ischemia.

Karen x

Thank you for your help so much, I really mean that thank you. Im a little worried now,but so many symptioms seamed to be ms, Hugs to you and again thank you so much x