numbness progression

Hi all,

        I am not diagnosed and appreciate it could be many other things but wanted some advice, i have suffered with fatigue for 5 years stopped working 3 years ago (other than voluntary), i get to a point each day when my brain says shut down go to sleep (norm 5-6 hours in on a good day) ive had small episodes of numbness, norm mid trunk, feels like being wrapped in clingfilm, then all of a sudden after all this time at my last relapse my hands and forearms started getting numb, over a six week period it has spread, my hands are affected constantly, then my face and what really shook me my mans bits went numb, and it's showing no signs of stopping, if ,and i am not sure it is but if its MS how fast does this spread ? many thanks Alfie

Hi Alfie, and welcome to the site happy2


If it's an MS relapse then the likelihood is that it will worsen to a peak, stay that way for a little while and then gradually get better. How long each of these stages lasts is an unknown quantity I'm afraid - it can be anything from days to months. How much residual numbness you have after it goes away is also an unknown quantity, but in the early days of MS most people tend to make a good recovery from relapses. 


You definitely need to see a neuro, so if you haven't already arranged to, please ask your GP for an urgent referral (better for the neuro to see you while you're having symptoms and if it takes too long, you might have recovered already). 


Good luck, and I hope it starts improving very soon.


Karen x

Thanks for the advice Karen, my GP was not happy to refer me but has done so after some persuasion, so its not an urgent one but at least the ball is rolling, heres hoping it's something simple, keep up the good work you do, ty Alfie