Numb hands in the morning really a symptom?

Hi, I am not diagnosed and not really sure what I think at the moment. I am waiting for blood test results at the moment before further investigations. The one thing I have read numerous times on here is the numb hands in the mornings. I do get this and have done so for ever but I have never even thought they may be connected until reading it here. I always think I have just slept on it or held my arm funny whilst sleeping as it goes as soon as I give it a little shake. I have always thought that if it is an MS symptom it would not just go when you move it as it is caused by nerves that are out of our control. I suppose it would be the same for pins and needles.

I have very minor although irritating symptoms that I’m aware could be a number of things. I have a near constant facial twitch which isn’t obvious but I know it’s happening. This is my one constant, everything else comes and goes. I have pins and needles in both feet and right arm. This is not present all the time and occasionally I will get a sharp electric shock type sensation in these areas. Very quick and then it’s gone. I also have random twitches. These are also not constant. I could have a quick twitch in my arm followed an hour later by a twitch in my butt cheek. Then it can be hours later I may get another in my thigh. These are not really bothersome and may just be normal twitches.

Apart from the facial twitch I am thinking/hoping more that my symptoms are just stress (although the numb hands is a food for thought) as I’m having a time of it at the moment. I’m doing all I can to help this but it’s not always that easy.

don’t jump the gun. see your GP and tell him what you told us. ask if you can have your blood tested for B12 and D3 deficiencies as they can cause these symptoms. when the results are in you may be pleasantly surprised that a simple course of B12 injections and a course of D3 supplements make your symptoms go away. it doesn’t sound like you are about to be diagnosed with ms. keep on seeing your GP if your symptoms change. if s/he feels it necessary you may be referred to a neurologist.


I 100% agree with Carole. When you get your blood test results back you might find you do in fact have a vitamin deficiency. Obviously if you don’t, and you continue to worry about MS, come back here.

Just don’t be tempted to google your symptoms. Dr Google is a crap doctor who’d be stricken off were he real.

Best of luck.