Now on Gilenya

So, after a number of relapses on rebif, i am now on gilenya. I have a few questions however. All was fine in hospital, but for the past few days, i have been experiencing dizziness and headache. Any one else had this? Nurse says it is to be expected. I am also very tired, and again is this normal? Thanks

Do you know if you ar JCV positive or negative. If positive insist on seeing neuro or go to A&E armed with information.

I don’t want to scare you but there have been a couple of cases of PML with gilenya.


Hi OP,

I started Gilenya on Wednesday and have had a bit of light headedness and mild headache. I think it’s normal enough. The nurse told me I could expect to feel a bit “off” for about a month after starting.

I’m very tired each evening also.

Thanks meme. That is me to tee also. Efb, i had all pre treatment tests and was cleared to start treatment. As for jc im not sure.

Hi Sheriff

I started yesterday and so far so good. Had my second tablet this morning. I’m tired but it was a helluva long day yesterday and I’ve been tidying the house today. My son is messy at the best of times and after an evening on his own - you can imagine!


Good news Tracey x