Nothing days

Hello from sunny Crowborough.

I’m calling today a nothing day. It’s not dull, I’m not bored and I have kept busy. Nothing days are the days when I don’t speak to anyone. I just get on in my own little world. I still marvel at the way my world has changed.

Life used to be so busy.

Best wishes, Steve


Try acting like you don’t have PPMS & get on with life as normal. People pretend they have PPMS.

Is nothing days, the title of your new album? Perhaps get it pressed in vinyl to become part of the future.

It all seems a bit back to front these days. Perhaps we should all smoke weed & join the paranoid posse.

Random bullshite Terry.

(runs off to put photo luminescent tape in loo)

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I love nothing days Steve!

Nina x


I’m with Nina on this…I love ‘nothing days’.

Pam. X

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“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place”. - Red Queen Hypothesis

Read this as you will. It made me stop and think about why i ‘run’ in life. In some ways M.S. has calmed me, slowed me down. it is my alert button to overdoing life!