Not sure if I should cancel appointment with neurologist


I have been referred to a neurologist by my GP because of symptoms which began in August. I woke up one morning and became aware I had no feeling in my left leg below the knee. Over the next couple of days I developed numbness in my right leg below the knee, buzzing sensations in both hands, numbness over the central portion of my face. and spasms on the left side of my face. By the time I saw my GP I had the sensation of wearing wet socks and walking on sponges. There were also some issues with my speech and other things I’d rather not go into here right now. Looking back over recent years, I can recall several instances when I experienced the sensation of water running down my left leg and the walking on sponges feeling in my feet.

I had blood tests to rule out calcium deficiency, pernicious anaemia, and so forth. Following negative results my GP said she thought it could be MS, which had also occurred to me.

An appointment was made for me with a neurologist for late December but since then most of the symptoms have gone. All I am left with is two numb toes, one on each foot, which also seem to be improving, and some stiffness in my hands.

My question is, given the pressure on NHS resources and the needs of other people who may be waiting to see the neurologist, and are really ill, should I cancel my appointment? I’m concerned I would be wasting NHS time.

Thank you. Hoidie

I personally would advise you to see the neurologist . I am sure that he or she will not think that you are wasting their time. The fact that you have had periods where you have been relatively symptom free will be as relevant to them as your symptoms are. Try and jot down a basic time line and which symptoms you had and how long they lasted etc that you can take it to the appointment.

I know it seems strange to go and see a neurologist when you are feeling better but bear in mind that this is not the first time that this has happened to you so there is every possibility it might happen again and you would then have to go through the process of being referred and waiting for another appointment and still the symptoms may have diminished before your appointment! (my appointments have never fallen when my symptoms have been at their worst!)

Take Care x

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You should absolutely go and see the neurologist. And don’t feel bad about it, even for a second. Your symptoms sound like RELAPSING REMITTING MS - so it’s normal to have periods where no symptoms are present. I can’t stress it enough, don’t let this drag on and get yourself checked out, rather than wait for the next time you go numb. The sooner they diagnose it, the better. I sincerely hope that you don’t have MS, but wouldn’t you rather be sure? Also, I assume you have been paying NI and therefore have every right to be seen by a doctor- no matter what is going on in the NHS. I admire your attitude, however, I feel that it is that kind of attitude which stops people from getting help sooner and having a better outcome in the end with all kinds of diseases. If you wait too long to be seen, it might be too late and you will be a bigger burden on the NHS than you would otherwise have been. (this is true for every disease). Stay well! Emily


As Belle said , just because your symptoms have worn off that doesnt mean there is nothing wrong .

Its a perfect example of what may or may not be an episode of a neuro hit . Dont worry about wasting the neuro docs time , he will see dozens and dozens of people every month with problems and it wont bother him thats what he is paid the big bucks for . Your health comes first and to cancel , then something else to go wrong and another appointment could take months .

I hope you get given tha all clear when you see your doc .

Best Wishes Iain .

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Coming from someone who said pretty much the same on my last post I think you should not cancel. Yours is different to mine in that I am not wanting the further test that he wants me to have. We had a long chat about FND and it is something I will gladly accept and take his word for. The thing is he thinks the extra test will be normal so why send me for them and waste money, time etc. With regards to you. You have not yet spoke to a neurologist (I assume) and the FND subject may not even be in the equation. It might, but you don’t know if you don’t go. If you cancel and in years to come you do find out it was something that needed medication etc you will have wasted your own time struggling on. so don’t cancel. Your first appointment is the most important in helping you decide your next steps.


Thank you everyone for all your replies. You are right. I am a former nurse and I think that probably has something to do with my attitude. I’ll let you know how I get on at my appointment.