Not sure how to feel

Went to see neurologist on Monday after seeing him in may I was a bit nervous as he wasn’t very nice last time when he basically told me to go away it was a one off without even looking at my MRI.
This time he was totally different listened to me and showed compassion and had taken it all more seriously and made me feel like I had someone I could depend on and find out what’s going on and he looked at my MRI the week before seeing me.
He is going to speed up my lumbar puncher and sending me for another MRI and has said that if I get unwell again to ring his secretary and he will fit me in ASAP I had to wait longer this time as he was on AL.
He must have been having a bad day last time as he seemed a different person.
He was talking about MS as if I already had it on times and I said I’m not sure it is as sometimes I have symptoms that don’t fit into MS I just want to be reassured it isn’t something worse as I get into a flap sometimes and imagine the worse he said it would be MS or inflammation what does he mean by inflammation?
Hopefully I’ll know what is going on soon as not knowing is worse I find.
I’m feeling well within myself at moment arms and legs still numb but they don’t hurt leg aches a little but that’s it at mo.

Hi Mel, isn’t it weird when they change personality? I’ve had the same. First time it was like he just thought I was a waste of time and I went away feeling very upset. Saw him again couple of months later and he was nice as pie!

I think that sometimes they DO think we are wasting their time… but after seeing some evidence they realise that in fact we are genuine and do have something going on.

When he talks about ‘inflamation’ he means inflamation in the brain. We usually call this ‘lesions’. It can mean MS but it can also mean other things that are not MS. But by the sounds of it he is thinking that it might be MS. He’s doing the lumbar puncture to give him a bit more information.

As I’m sure you know, there isn’t a single test for MS, but lots of bits of evidence are put together to make a diagnosis. A bit like putting a puzzle together.

So, it is possible you have MS but it’s also possible that it’s something else.

Remember, IF it is MS, it will not be the end of the world! Life will go on and you will cope just fine. On Everday Living today there is a post by George who was dx with MS 40 years ago today!! And they are getting closer to a cure every day. Also, if it’s RRMS (relapsing remitting), which is the most common type, there are very good drug treatments to help with symptoms.

Hang on in there. Sounds like you have an excellent and caring neuro, and you will have some answers soon.

Pat x

Yeah I was bewildered by it he has just come back from leave so could be refreshed ha ha. I’m going back to work next thurs after 7 weeks off but don’t think I’ll be that refreshed in a flap probably but everyone said they will support me in work and make sure its as stress free as poss.

Yeah from looking on net things have come along way within the last 20 years, Now I don’t feel that bad I think well theres worse things that I could have but when I was ill I was thinking I don’t ever want to feel like this again in my life.

I don’t know if I’m glad he is taking it seriously or a bit sad that its serious started having symptons in feb and it had taken a few gp visits seeing 3 different gp’s before one disagreed with others and wanted me to go for a MRI to see whats going on, When the results came back he said he thought it was MS as I said I was having pins and needles and there showed irregularities and the others had said headaches.

I’m glad things have started moving along now as there is nothing worse then being left in the dark really.


mel x

Can they tell diference in lumbar punchure between ms and guillian-barre syndrome?

Sorry Mel I don’t know. I’ve tried googling it but can’t work it out. Very technical stuff!

Try googling it yourself. If you put ‘guillian-barre and MS’ you get quite a lot of links about the difference between the two conditions… but can’t work out the difference in LP result.

Caution though Mel… you can go down the info ‘black hole’ and end up more confused than you started. Sometimes it’s better to just wait until the experts have worked out what’s going on.

Take care,

Pat x

I was looking at lumbar puncher on nhs site to see if i would need any resting time afterwards to let work know and seen they use it to check for Guillain-Barré syndrome and meningitis and thought my legs and arms are numb could be thatbut then yes best leave it to the profeshionals as i got myself into a tiswas last time and got myself worked up

thanks pat