Not sleeping well

How is everyone’s sleep ? Are you able to sleep fully without a break in your sleep ? My son for a while now has had broken sleep pattern. He goes to bed and if he’s lucky he gets an hour, he said he can not get comfortable. The pain in his ankles & legs is very painful. MS meds mess with his other meds so nurses said not a lot they can do to help ? So he ends up back down and sleeping on sofa, not good as we all know. His sleep pattern is all over, up all night then snatched pockets of sleep. He sleeps of a day and it really annoys him, he said he should be doing stuff not sleeping. He has been diagnosed 6 years is this a problem anyone else has ?

My neurologist prescribed me Tizanidine tablets 8 years ago they relax the muscles in your body and also make you sleepy.

They only last 2 hours then you wake up with stiff legs, take another 2mg and off you go again.

You can take up to 6 a night , do not take during the day as they make you sleepy, if you drive or use machinery.

What is frightening is your MS nurse does not know about them.

Although my MS nurse told me to press in my stomach because I could not empty my bladder, then I saw the incontinent nurse and she said bollocks, you need to self catheter you have a half a litre of liquid in your bladder all the time.

There are lots of people on this site who have negatives about Tizanidine but it changed my life and so did the catheters

I am 100 % sure your son will be happy with them

Go to your GP in the morning and request them, do not waste your time with the MS nurses.


Hi i never sleep through the night.

I go to bed early at 6pm, and wind down watching something stupid on amazon *****and i am always asleep by 7.30/8pm. Then I wake up anytime between 10pm to 12am. I then take my one 2mg diazepam which helps my legs settle, and 1 paracetamol for back ache and i have to use my commode. If my bladder is having a particularly bad week with being over active then i can be awake much more often.

It usually can take me an hour to finally drift back off and then i am awake from 4am to 6am every morning. but usually i have managed between 6 and 8 hours which is enough for me. I have all day doing things, no matter how tired i am i never sleep in the day.

One thing that helps my sleep is a BED CRADLE, it goes over the blankets. Its keeps the weight of the bedding OFF my legs which keeps them stay cooler and less likely to spasm, it has worked for me for a very long time. It might help your son.

**** I find for me its best not to watch the news, or anything stressful before i go to sleep as it will bother me, so i watch re runs of things i have watched and found funny. I always chill out with a comedy and it helps me.