I suffer badly from fatigue and also from poor sleep. My neurologist is going to try and reduce the fatigue by improving the quality of the sleep I get.
To do this he is planning to give me Tizanidine in the evening.

Anyone had an exprience of this?


Hi Paul,

I take Tizanidine as a muscle relaxant for my stiff legs. Can make me a little sleepy so only take morning and evening but also take amtriptyline in the evening and that helps knock me out. The buzzing in my body keeps me awake. Annoying as I am only able to read a couple of pages of my kindle every night.

Think tizanidine gives me a dry mouth so always have a glass of water by the bed.

Good luck, a lot of it is ‘try it and see’ with MS and medication.


i take tizanidine, pregablin and amitriptyline at night because my pain meds make me drowsy.

carole x

Hi Jen,
Being sleepy during the day is something I have to avoid and it was a concern when I read it may be an option for me.
Amitriptyline is not an option for me, I have been there and done that. It didn’t help me.

I am actually getting short of options. It looks like I need to manage it more rather that hoping there is a treatment for fatigue.

I have tried so many drugs for several different things, it becomes a struggle to remember what helped with what.


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