Not MS

I’ve posted on a few topics here recently my Mum had MS and I recently experienced symptoms which I thought could mean I had it…

Eventually today I saw a Neurologist after a failed attempt to get a diagnosis last December. Anyway today I saw the top man at my local hospital and after going prepared for a battle I was surprised that after a few minutes nervously describing my symptoms I settled down and he was so easy to talk to.He was caring and understanding and examined me and showed me the clear MRI scan I’d had done on Sunday.

He then told me I didn’t have MS or anything else sinister, but he did say my symptoms were very real. He had also listened to me talk about some events that had upset my quiet life in the last couple of years and some recent depression. He then told me I was suffering from a condition called Somatisation. Physical symptoms caused by psychological reasons. Some of the reasons in my case being taken ill on holiday abroad last year and events causing the recent still ongoing depression. My next step is to get help to try and ease if not solve this.

I wanted to post this here to help others struggling to get a diagnosis of any kind. I had previously wanted to thump anyone who dared suggest it was all in my mind. It wasn’t because he was the top man but the way his years of experience helped him to tell me with such kindness and concern and to believe me and understand me.

Thank you everyone who has supported me on here and good luck to everyone hope you all find the Top Man.


what a marvellous neuro you have!

kindness and understanding can’t be given a price.

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Sorry to hear that you’ve been through so much but glad that you’ve now finally been able to get a diagnosis, and that it wasn’t the one you thought it would be.

Now you can move forward and get the appropriate help that you need.

Good -luck and Take care.

Twinkle Toes x

P.S. What a lovely Top Man he certainly was.

What an amazing doctor. If only all neurologists were of his ilk!

I’m very happy for you Lelp that you don’t have MS, but that you do have a diagnosis of something real, for which there is a solution.

People told their neurological symptoms have a psychological basis are so often treated poorly, they think they’re being told ‘it’s just in your head, so I’m not interested’, or that they are being ‘fobbed off’ with nonsense.

So to hear from a genuine, honest and kind neurologist that there is help available is utterly refreshing.


Thank you I just hope my GP’s are still as helpful as they’ve been up to now.

This forum helped me and I thought this post may just help someone else.

Best wishes to you all.

Lesley xx