Not diagnosed but really worried

Hi all, I really hope you might be able to shed some light on my current worries and predicament.

Im a mid 40s male who is in general really healthy, I dont drink much and exercise a lot and upto 5 weeks ago all was well. On a Sunday morning (about the 5 weeks ago) I woke up and struggled ot get out of bed. When I did get up I felt like I was walking on a waterbed and if I looked up, it felt like I was going to top backwards and my head was going to roll off on to the floor and likewise the same if I looked down. No major dizziness when left or right. It was really frightening , so much so I has my wife take me immediately to A&E. They did some basic tests and suggested I had Labryinthitis and prescribed 5 days of tablets. To cut a long story short I was lucky enough to be able to work from home and continued to do so, albeit being very wobbly and taking things steady. I also visited my gp who also thought it was the same sort of issue. Given I have orivate health care and the type of person who needs to know everything I organised a visit to a consultant who again did some basic balance tests, looked in my ears etc and had booked me in for balance test next week. during the initial weeks the man symptoms were wobbliness, tension type feelings in forehead. So far so infection right ?

However, after about 2 weeks I felt that my legs, more specifically my thighs started to feel heavy and I could feel this in every step. This has continued with varying degrees of heavy and tired feeling, but since then I have started to experience pins and needles primarily in my hands and feet although at times in my forearms, totally spaced out feeling and the odd hot hands here and there, plus odd what feels like numb upper part of thumb or heel but when I tickle them I can feel the sensation.

Going alongside all of this, Ive really felt like I do not want to be in busy crowded spaces, as the foggy head, tight forehead etc seems really worse

This is where I have started to worry that it might be something more sinister. Like a complete Health freak I researched initially the Labrythitis to death and since coming across these symptoms have linked and convinced myself I now have MS even though I have not had a diagnosis.

I did go to my GP who did some basic foot and arm strengh tests, ticked etc and she said that was fine. I am sue to go on vacation with my wife to Vietnam next week and she has stated to go there, relax and if I come back with the same symptoms, she will book me in with a neurologist.

Honestly, I am really worried that I do not feel mentally or physically in a place to go on holiday but am really struggling with the worry of, if I do not go, its a massive set back and therefore I am admitting I must have something.Ive gone back to work recently but I feel Im operating at about 50%, have the spaced out feeling most of the time and am really really worried about my symptoms which seem to have moved on from unbalance (which is still there but not as bad) to all these other symptoms.

I have still recently tried to go back to the gym and am able to jog on a treadmill and do some light weights which I think is my way of trying to convince myself its all in my head. Also the only time I feel I can relax is when I have a bath or if I can settle myself in bed. Im desperately trying to assure myself that all these physical symptoms are manifesting themselves through anxiety and using Dr google but its proving tough. Im having a right old hard time of it !

I should also say that maybe to add to my woes, just under 2 years ago I had a bout of tinnitus in which I had an initial MRI of the lower part of the skull. No ear issue but hey would you know it, they found an incidental pineal cyst. It also mentioned finding a few small bilateral white foci or something like that which the consultant said not to wrorry as everyone has something on a scan and this is the type of thing they would see as you get older. I then had a full MRI but never got to see the results as this is when the NHS system crashed (the day I was due to see the consultant !) so just received a letter stating it was a cyst and they were happy not to see me again.

Do you think that the nuero guys at the time of reviewing the main MRI, would have brought me back if they found anything that looked like it might be MS type on the scan even though I had not presented any symptoms at that time?

I am really worried I might have something but I am also trying to be sensible. My gp initially is not concerned, Ive seen a consultant once over my balance who did some test and I had an MRI a few years ago in which they never mentioned being worried about any findings.

My tingles and aches are both pretty symetrical , heavy legs both, tingles both hands, feet, legs, and the spaced out is my whole head.

Not sure where to go from here…go on holiday and see what happens, go back to my gp before?

Sorry for waffling on but I just needed to get if off my chest and see what advice you can offer? thanks so much

hi Mikey go to vietnam and have a brilliant holiday. some friends went there and put loads os photos on facebook. it looks incredible. as your GP said, when you return she will refer you to neurology. so for now you should stick all your concerns in a pending file, go on holiday!!! carole x


Asking Dr Google for help in deciding what your various symptoms might mean is about as useful as asking a fortune teller.

The problem with MS is that it shares symptoms with an awful lot of diagnoses, some serious, and some not so bad.

So looking up one specific symptom and deciding that it ‘may’ be MS as a result is never going to be very useful. All it could possibly do is scare you stupid. It certainly won’t put your mind at rest.

It sounds like you have a good GP with a sensible plan. If she was bothered by your symptoms, there’s no way she’d advise you to go on holiday to Vietnam. It would be asking for trouble if there was something truly serious wrong.

So like Carole said, go on holiday, have an amazing time (everyone I know who’s been to Vietnam has said it is a fabulous country), when you come back, see your GP and decide at that point whether you do need a neurological consultation.

In the meantime, why not start keeping a diary of what is wrong with you physically. You’ll be able to reflect back on this in a few weeks time after the holiday and compare how your various symptoms feel then with now.

Best of luck.


Thank you so much fir your comments. Deep down I desperately want to go on holiday but have taken myself to some dark places recently with the worry that these physical symptoms are so linked that the only logical conclusion is something life changing like ms. The logical part of me, of course recognises I haven’t even even been diagnosed but if you have physical feelings it’s difficult to try and snap out of it. As someone who likes certainty, not having control is not helping. I think I’m doing the right things, I was doing exercises for the labyrinthitis, am having balance tests, have seen my gp etc. Worry and the internet can be a powerful thing! Been to the gym tonight and can’t quite understand why my legs ache when walking but bizarrely I can run on a treadmill. This again logically tells me, maybe it’s health anxiety. Hey ho it’s a merry go round !

If you need certainty in your life, I’d choose a different disease to MS. The one thing we don’t have is any degree of certainty whatsoever. So, try picking another illness!

But seriously, don’t try too hard to stop worrying, that is often far too difficult to do. Instead, try and live with it. Supposing it was MS, there would be sod all you could do about it.

Theres recently been a discussion about making the absolute best of where you are, and what you are capable of now, today. It’s better to look back on memories than regrets. I’m sorry there were things I could have done and places I could have seen 10 years ago and didn’t. Then again, I’m glad I’ve been to India and have some great memories. I’m glad I’ve done quite a lot of things, but sorry I never went to Vietnam and never shall now.