Not diagnosed but have symptoms

Hi everyone im new here.
Its a longish story but ill cut it down the best i can …
My mum has MS & my brother has MS both diagnosed.
I got ill 7yrs ago with a cancer scare but luckily i dont have it.
But 7yrs ago i could walk a reasonable distance, id be in pain but that has been proven to be issues with my lower back… now i can barely walk anywhere, i can. O longer feel my bladder or bowls so i pee myself ( brain fog on spelling ) each year i am getting worse and i feel let down by my dr as they wont have me tested, i do have legions on my spine xray but im told they are arthritis, obviously my mum has been living with ms longer and she is insistent that i also have it. This yr so far ive had my knee swell up which physio said is a ligament issue tho not given any antibiotics, and now my left hand is causing me pain. I feel at my whits end as i can look at symptoms and go yes to almost all of them. Ive not had eye issue thats just about one the few things i dont suffer with. Is there any other way for the test , i understand it is expensive and thats probably why they wont get me tested but surely as i get worse each year and 2 close family members that have it, then it may been worth testing me for it. Any advice would be greatful :pray:

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