Not been here for a while

I’ve not been on the forum for a couple of months, things seeem to have changed a bit when it comes to adding something new. Maybe I’m dreaming. Do you like it as it is now or as iy was?


Welcome back Patrick.

I prefer it as it was.

Hope you get used to the new board quickly. It takes a while.


Welcome back Patrick. I also preferred the old board.

I’m getting used to this one now…just needs tweeking…typing wth crossed fingers is hard

Onwards and upwards

PS; at least we have an edit button. Boy do we need it

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I think this is called progress. Do you remember the 5 1/2" floppies that made good frisbies then the 3" stiffies? Now its a USB stick or is iy the cloud?

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This is not progress - but things don’t always get better, do they? We, of all people, should know that.

What were 3" stiffies ?


the stiffies were to replace the floppies

or the floppies became stiffies! ooh missis!

Welcome back Patrick, like you I preferred the old forum as I think the new system has scared a lot of people away. Not only that I can’t get my avatar back on, and I miss my little cat.



Thanks for that explanation carole. You’ve got me recalling one of Leslie Philips catchphrases in the carry on movies " I say, Ding Dong"

Hello Janet

Did you save your avatar? if not see if you can upload another one

Thanks Blossom the trouble is I get all muddled with the pixels etc. I will keep trying though.



I wouldn’t worry too much about the pixels Janet. Just look on online avatar website, right click on the one’s you like and save to your picture folder…or whatever it’s called. If it’s to big to upload on forum, just try another one…simple :slight_smile: choose small ones :slight_smile:

If the avatar is too big make it smaller. Use to make it smaller. Not difficult to use


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Why is it so clunky when getting new message updates for a thread


Think a lot of us do prefer the old site, and thats why a lot of names have vanished for ever, shame really, still we do keep in touch by e-mail.### Just had to invite the web team to intervene cos I could not get on here or use the password they gave me.Hopefully this site will one day get back ot how it was.