Not been diagnosed but worried

Hello my name is Clare My doctor has told me not to do this but I don’t listen to most people that try and tell me what to do. I am awaiting a referal letter to come through and mri appointment. Hoping it will come soon. I have been having many symptoms which all started with my doctor thinking I had Carpel tunnel. I went for the testing and this came back negative. I went to see my doctor again as my symptoms of Carpel tunnel had worsened I was now getting numbness and tingling in one of my legs and also getting horrendous cramp in my calf muscle at night this was happening three times week at the least. I have lost my balance at work a couple of times too. I have also noticed that I have started to slur my words a lot to the point I sound drunk even though no alcohol had been consummed. Me being me I asked dr google my new symptoms and it can up with ms. So.of course I went to see my gp who was actually on leave so saw a locum Dr who actually was amazing and sat with me explaining everything that it could be. He mentioned slipped disc? I don’t have back pain. He mention nerve pinch too, this is what I’m hoping. Then he mention ms so here I am. Im Just wondering what everyone’s oppion is. I am very worried and really just want to know what’s going on. I picking up more and more symptoms which are mild and would have just put down to extreme tiredness which I have had for a few months now. My mother in law had been most unhelpful and has basically said well your not tripping over and you don’t have tremors can’t be ms. Not quite sure she understands it at all. I just feel very alone and uncertain of what to expect. I have a gut feeling and usually my gut is right. Thank you in advance from someone seeking some sound sound advice Clare

Hi Clare, you and I know that Dr Google`s temptation is just too much to resist, eh?

Having said that, the symptoms could be MS, but they could just as easily be something else.

Like you, I hope it is just a trapped nerve you have.

You have to wait for the appointment for the MRI…nowt else you can do.

Your ma in law, like so many other folk, think they know what MS is and isnt.

Try to avoid speaking to her about it until you know more, yeh?

Let us know how you get on hun.



Do not want to be the bearer of bad news but think Dr. Google has got it right and all your symptoms point to MS. Stumbling, for the benefit of your MIL, is typical of MS and is caused by drop foot whereby the sole of your foot hits the ground before the rest of your foot.

I have RRMS and the confirmatory diagnosis was MRI which should show if you have any spinal scarring or plaques in your brain; it seems to be used more regulaly now than a spinal tap. The slurring of your speech, pins and needles, extreme fatigue, and if you have blurred vision, would also all point to MS but you need an MRI to confirm for sure.

Good luck with it all. When I was first diagnosed I was shocked but soon came to realise I could have worse-so chin up.



Everything Poll has said is spot on. It could be MS, but so many symptoms of MS also feature as symptoms of other diagnoses.

So, it’s much a case of wait for test results which will give more information. Have you been referred to a neurologist who will then arrange more tests, or referred by your GP for an MRI?

If you are right and it’s MS, then I’m afraid it will take weeks, or more likely months before you get a diagnosis. This is because there are a number of hoops to jump through (metaphorically thankfully) before it can be diagnosed. And only a neurologist can definitely state that it is MS.

But if that say comes, then at least there are decent drugs these days to help with symptoms and to protect against relapses.

Oh, and tell your well meaning but I’ll informed mother-in-law that she’s wrong. And as Poll says, try to avoid discussing it.

And don’t forget, you don’t have MS until it’s definitely diagnosed.


Hi Clare, I hope you are feeling ok and not letting anything get you down. I am in a similar situation to you and have just come by this forum to see what people are posting about and it seems we may be at a similar place and with similar symptoms. I am due to see my GP this week to discuss some blood test results and have a referral in to neurology and so it is just a waiting game now. I hope you don’t have to wait too long for some answers

Thank you all for your reply it’s much appreciated. The more I think about and read up on symptoms erg the more I’m telling myself I have it. My dr has wrote to a neurologist to see if they would rather me be referred to them or go straight for mri which I find strange but then he is a locum and said he wasn’t sure which way to do things. Guess it’s wait and see really. Im.not speaking with anyone else about it now apart from you guys and my husband until I know for sure. Thank you ever so much

I also suffer real bad with depression and my mood swings are horrendous according to my husband this is a new thing. Anyone else suffer with depression and mood swings with ms? Thanks

If you look at the forum Caring For Someone with MS there is a thread I Do Not Want to Loose My Marriage. There the contribution talks about mood changes with husband who has MS. Regards

I take 300mgs of magnesium citrate every day and it really helps with mood swings. I take one 100mgs tablet after each meal.

Good luck.

Marjie xx

Thank you. Is this prescribed? X

It takes ages to get neurology appointments and even a nearlologist can’t Dignoses you without test results so if your GP is willing to book you in for as many of the required tests before you see the nearlologist appointment you are clearing a bit of delay.

All the very best

No, I get it from Amazon :slight_smile:

Marjie x