Hello, To anyone in NI/Belfast - I’m just wondering if any of you have been referred to or seen by a consultant neuro called Dr [name removed by moderator]? Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer!


I am from Northern Ireland. Your name of doctor has been removed but I’m assuming its the one that has misdiagnosed everyone and has to go back for more testing?



Hi, thanks for replying. Yes I saw the name was removed, not sure why. But no not him, know who that is you mean but that’s not who I was asking about. It’s another consultant and I am just trying to work out if they are an ms specialist or not and whether that is why I have been referred to him, or if he has nothing to do with MS. Guess I’ll not be able to find out on here lol Thanks for replying

Mine is [name removed by moderator] its a woman though. I’m unsure who are specific specialists etc and in certain fields. I know my friend has had a nightmare with neurology over the past few years. She was told she had chairi malformation and ended up with a brain operation. Her symptoms kept coming back and now shes been told that she may have never had that in the first instance. So she isn’t impressed with advice that has been given. I hope you get sorted. Can I ask do you have MS? I’m new to this in the process of being diagnosed so the waiting is quite difficult