MS Neuro Specialist in N.Ireland


I was wondering if anyone could name a neuro in N.ireland who specialises in MS. I seem to be getting no where fast with my NHS neuro & had considered going privately. She is not an MS specialist as she covers all areas of the brain & seems to think a lot of the symptoms like overheating & weakness in arms & legs to name but a few are not ms related even though my B12 has come back as normal.

Have you tried the “Near me” function on here? It’s a bit out of date, but might give you a good start. It’s via a white box towards the top of the page. Karen x

Hi Dr Miichael Watt is a really good one. x

Dr Michael Watt is also who I see, Ulster Independant Clinic…


Hi thanks, I had contacted ulster Independant clinic & dr watt was the name they had reccomended but I wasnt sure if he was an ms specialist. I will go to euromedics to get another MRI as 1) it is cheaper & 2) it’s gonna take 6 - 8 weeks to get the one that I had done on nhs. Thanks again x