Any other reason to be sent to DR [name removed]

Hello I do not have a diagnosis of MS and if i should not post please delete.

I have been diagnosed With ehlers danlos syndrome and fibromyalgia.

I had an MRI and a ct scan my optician sent me due to tilted disc in my eyes.

Then today I received a letter saying i had been referred to see Dr [name removed] at salford a neurologist.

Well I didnt know why so being me i googled him and i see he is a specialist in MS. I have been given an appoint for 6 weeks time which i am told is pretty fast as took 3 months for mri etc.

I am just trying to put my mind at ease i guess but what ever maybe i will have to deal with it. I just wondered if he deals with anything else and i am over thinking it.

hi cavailia

dr [name removed] is my ms specialist.

salford royal is a very good hospital.

just saying to ease your worries, although i know it won’t.

however a recommendation can’t hurt.

the 6 weeks will fly past.

i am going there myself on 17th december.

to think i once was so scared of going but after the first time i actually like the place.

wishing you a good outcome.

carole x