Northern ireland altnagelvin hospital

Hi has anyone from NI been diagnosed or treated at altnagelvin hospital I been told that I possibly have ms and am waiting for a review appointment after my mri but I was rang by the hospital and told to come up to ward 19 tomorrow for a cancellation normally Neuro appointments our done at outpatients and was wondering why I have to go a ward for an appointment

I don’t know anything about being dx or treated in NI - I was dx nearly 20 years after I left - but it’s a fair guess that the neurology department/your neurologist are just trying to get people seen as promptly as possible, and hurrah for that. The shorter time a person has to stew waiting for results, the better.

Good luck with your consultation.


Hello, I currently get treatment at Altnagelvin area hospital. They have been brilliant to me all the years of having ms. So sorry for your problems and possible diagnosis. Anything you need help on pm me.

A Dr.McCarron may be seeing you. Top man can’t praise him enough.

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I have successfully treated M S patients in N.I. for many years. I tried to get the research dept in Altnagelvin to look at my work but they weren’t interested. So called M S is not what they say it is. The brain never comes into my ‘cures’

This I find very easy to believe! But probably not in the way you meant it.


Hi what type of work do you do to treat ms patients

I meant what I said. Every so called M.S symptom is coming from the spine. Even blurred vision.Fix the spine - fix the M.S.

I fix their spines which removes the symptoms.