Norovirus with m.s.

Hi I have r.r. M.s. And unfortunately I have picked up the norovirus (winter vommitting virus) it started yesterday to say it’s floored me is an understatement,I can’t even have sips of water without bringing it back I feel so weak I live on my own and can’t have any help off my daughter as she’s just given birth and I don’t want her to come down with it as it’s very contagious they close hospital wards down because of it,just wondering has anyone else had this and how they coped.

ah bubbles,

so sorry that you have norovirus.

i haven’t had it (touching the laminate wooden table and the non laminate noggin of mine).

my menfolk have been a right load of typhoid mary’s and now they’ve given me their cold!

have you got anyone who can pop in to check on you, just to put our minds at rest.

take care

carole x

I had it last winter, caught it off my husband. It was awful, but it passed. You’re right to quarantine yourself though. I can’t say anything to make you feel better, but I know how you’re feeling. Get well soon. X

Really really hope you get better soon.

Thankyou Carole I don’t want anyone coming to my bungalow because I would hate to pass it on I know I will have to let it run its course,hopefully I should soon be coming to the end of it just praying I don’t relapse as I’m a widow and live on my own with two lovely little shih tzus who are my constant companions,I have enough food in for them but can’t give them the attention they are used to getting

Thankyou Charlotte

Thankyou very much x

Thankyou for your kind words

Hi, hope you feel better real soon. I have two children and work in a school so we as a family get it every year!!! I dread it and it’s just started up in school in the last week so just waiting for it to get us. It’s horrible and nasty and puts me on my bum but it does pass really quickly usually about two days and I’m ok again xxx

Thankyou Louise I think I may off picked it up off my 5yrs old grandson he was sent home from school on Friday with sickness and diarrhoea and I called round to see him Saturday not knowing then that he had this virus.