Nile Cruise Luxor to Luxor - suitable excursions


Been fascinated by Egypt since I was a little girl! (Now 35) I have the opportunity to go on a Nile Cruise Luxor to Luxor in January.

The tours available are as follows:

Kom Ombo
Aswan Tour: Aswan High Dam
Aswan Tour: Philae Temple
Luxor's East Bank
Luxor's West Bank

Does anyone know if any of these trips are suitable for a slow, wonky walker using either a walking stick or a four wheeled walker with chair?

Your experience would be invaluable.



The holiday sounds wonderful.   Don't forget lots of people are physically challenged - so don't let it put you off.    GO FOR IT!!!!

Your only 35 once.


Except for me - l have been 32 twice - liked it so much - so l did it twice.

Happy holiday.



I did that cruise 14 years ago as a fit  fire fighting fella. We were there in October and it reached 109 degrees in the shade on the boat,which constantly played 'Musical Boats' at night once it was moored(?) up.


The trips were fascinating, but were hard work and involved an 0700 start.EVERYBODY got the 'Pharoh's Revenge; and after eight days we were overjoyed to reach our splendid hotel in Luxor, where we recovered for a week.


I paid no attention to disabled facilities, but the body of a woman lying inbetween two roads under the crash barriers for 36 hours on a busy main road was an eye opener.


To summarize.............Egypt was the most interesting sh1t hole I've ever been to,and not being fairly fit would demand a LOT of research beforehand.



We went two years ago and while fit and well at the time there was a lady on our boat in a wheel chair and the guides couldn’t do enough to help her see everything. Early starts but then when its over plenty of time to rest x

Thank you all for your comments, I am steps away from making a decision. xx

Aswan High Dam shouldnt be a problem; you'd  get there by road and then its a flat walk across. Dont go too late in the day as the dam itself closes and you will not be allowed on it (it is heavily guarded by soldiers as a potential military target).

East Bank Temples  - Luxor temple is probably straightforward and relatively compact; Karnak is a huge complex, so you'd probably want to confine yourself, say to areas close to the entrance e.g. the main colonnaded area. The town and some market areas you could probably view comfortably  on a horsedrawn carriage if you can get up to the seat (very c heap if you haggle).

West Bank - spread over a very wide area, presumably you are not including The Valley of The Kings. Easy to go by taxi to a couple of the funerary temples and get the taxi to wait. Dont even think of going by donkey! The temples are full of space, so you won't be hemmed about with people. Temple of Hapsetshut is terrific  but there is a long ramp up. Sure somebody would give you a push for a bit of baksheesh.

Although you can get to the Valley of The Kings by taxi, each tomb is entered by long flights of stairs. Tutakhamun' s is the most accessible from that point of view as it has much less in the way of stairs. Tuthmosis 3rd also has a steep climb to get up to it.

Felucca is traditional Nile boat. A doddle and very relaxing  if you are able to get in and out of the boat (might be a bit tricky if you have poor balance; you might need to cross a plank for example to get onboard).

Philae temple - road journey to, followed by very short boat crossing.

Kom Ombo - a relatively minor temple as I recall, seem to remember walking a track through reeds to get to.