NHS Disorganised in treatment of MS - its official

According to Prof. Derick Wade who was interviewed yesterday morning on the Today Programme on Radio 4 the NHS is disorganised in the treatment of MS. He reports that many people with SP are in pain, suffer weakness, bladder symptoms etc and that many GPs do not have the expertise to treat. He also says that many people have to see 5 different specialists when they are treated, but what they need is a Specialist Neuro Rehab Centre to manage the condition. I have to say this will come as no surprise to many people here who have been saying the same thing. Once you get labelled with SP, you are basically left to get on with it. The treatment is there but people are just not able to access it. The professor has carried out some research into treatment with the MS Trust. The full interview is on Radio 4 iPlayer, and it was broadcast yesterday 10 October just before 7.00am, if anyone would like to listen to the full 4 minutes. Interesting listening, at least it is being flagged up as an issue. Why dont the MS Society get on board and do something, that in the end could not only result in a reduction of suffering, but ensure that resources are in the right place? Why dont they work with the MS Trust? It need not even cost any more money, but would use resources effectively.

Hi Bonnie. I just saw this thread after posting my new thread “set rules for DX on MS”, this doctor is 100% correct as I have just asked the same question on my thread and my information came from my neuro. :frowning: Really glad I have seen this. Thanks Stephen.

this is spooky as I have felt that I was seeing numerous specialist, ironically this can also involve private, which basically means they haven’t a clue, glad i am not going mad :roll:

Having done a bit more research, the report is actually a comprehensive audit. It finds that there have been no improvement since 2003. The full report is on the MS Trust website, I think it is a very important piece of work.

Here’s the direct link to the report NHS ‘fails people with MS’ http://tinyurl.com/3nmvpmp

Hi Bonnie This will not help much, SP and you are forgotten about or left to deal with things on your own? Join the MS club BUT we are here to try and help, PP is the same. ‘Learn to grin and bare it’ not that many years back they would not tell the woman she had MS but tell the partner. That sentence may not be politically correct but you know what I mean. I trynot think about what help we get because it makes me angry OR want to weep. I try to be positive but it’s a facade some of the time. Take care folks, be brave. M

Not in the lest bit surprised. Basically we are all on our own and we have to fight our corner in what is very often a hostile world. We have to fight for the right treatment, our medical assessments are flawed, we are often discriminated against at work.