Next steos

I have had SPMS since 2015 and now use a wheelchair both in and out of the house
I am finding transferring to and from the toilet stairlift and bed increasingly difficult
Social care will let me have carer for a certain number of hours a week but that person is not likely to be around when I get stuck transferring
My husbands back is injured from lifting me
What is the next step for me ?
Any advice appreciated

It’s a bad place eh? I’ve gone, and have been for about 6yrs, SPMS so know what your talking about! I’d say in the first instance talk to MS Nurse who’ll get you a home assessment with OT - I got advice on handrails (I manage better with vertical grip rail in toilet) to help me get off hair onto the w.c.and from back to chair. I have a hoist that I use to transfer to chair, bed, bath etc - your fella might find that easier to help you. A Physiotherapist will advise on the stepping and movement.
I’m not advising to do anything other than talk to MS Nurse, request OT home assessment had before they come round think ‘what do I think I need’, write it down and share those thoughts. The fear of falling gets easier after the first couple of times - you learn how to fall safer. Every best wish!

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Thanks for that. I already have rails but think hoist may be next step