PPMS my mum was diagnosed 30 years ago and has slowly over the years declined to now being wheelchair dependant… I have been her carer for the last 10 years… Her last bit of independence was being able to confidently transfer from her wheelchair to lounge chair, car, toilet and bed and swap from her manual chair to her electric chair or scooter… Over this last year the transfers have become more difficult… A couple of months ago all of a sudden she had 3 falls trying to get into the car and going to the toilet… This last week the little use in the legs that she did have has completely gone… She is awaiting neurologist appointment… Have had district nurse visit to change prescription for incontinence pads… But this last couple of days we can’t even get her on the toilet and tonight she couldn’t get into bed and my husband had to physically lift her… She is awaiting a adult social care appraisal as well… I am concerned that there may be an underlying issue or is it just the progression of the ms… But how do we get immediate help?

sounds like you are all having a really tough time. The only things I can think of are, 1: become a noisy nuisance at the GP surgery and 2: contact social services and make a fuss about a vulnerable adult and how your health is under threat too and that without you and your husband there will be even bigger problems to come.

I wish you all the best.


I think it could be a big help to get mum a portable hoist for now and then think about having a ceiling tracker hoist installed. I did this about 7 years ago and it does help immensely. Around the same time, I had a supra pubic catheter fitted. I also got an electric wheelchair and a WAV car for outings. Things seem so hard at the time, but if we can find solutions, we are much better at coping. Best wishes to mum xx