Newly Diagnosed

It is a bit disconcerting isn’t it?

After being massively active (cycling, endurance running) until 18 months ago whilst kayaking in France I lost the use of my left leg. Put it to one side as recovered after a week. Then March this year started with dizzy episodes and lost the use of my right leg with pins and needles on my left side. Was able to do 7minute per mile over 10 miles and back to my fitness as was 10 years ago. Not bad for someone about to hit 40years old! Started walking again by middle of May and able to run 2 miles by June, Finally seen by the Neuroligist who said we will have an MRI to check you are recovering from a back injury that it was presumed caused the problems. Tests later and an LP showed Relapsing remitting MS. Going to go back to the sport and see how I get on. Anyone found out this way and got some sort of activity back please?

Hi vince am in limbo myself and a long distance runner unable to run. I have taken up swimming…

Hi Vince, and welcome to the site

I was diagnosed when I was 33, but was still competing internationally in taekwondo when I was 45. I have had to give it up now, but I reckon I had a good run :slight_smile:

Keeping fit (and flexible) is a great way to fight MS, so keep it up as long as you can. (Eat healthily and take vitamin D3 supplements too.)

When the current sport becomes a bit tricky for you, you can always try a new one. You’d be surprised how many MSers there are in wheelchair sports in the Paralympics!

Karen x

Many thanks for the replies. Will have to retry swimming. Had a habit of doing a good impression of drowning

taekwondo? Had a school friend who took that up to being the British under 18 flyweight champion back in 1992. Then he discovered pies and beer I think! I’ll see if there are any 2012 tickets left for the paraolympics or keep up to date with the info on the TV.

For the fitness freaks. 5k ran and loved it! Very slow and will suffer this evening. Will have to try that vitamin D3 on top of the glucosamine/chondroitin. Looking to increase the milage slowly again.

Hi vince…well done on the run am very envious as unable to run at all now. Swimming doesn’t make me as hot so symptoms are less. I do as much walking as possible but uphill is a no no :frowning: miss running soooo much but then I take a look on this site and think how lucky I am. Have just completed a sponsored swim for the local ms branch …take care Sarah x