Newly diagnosed

Hi, I have very recently been diagnosed with ms. Struggling hugely with coming to terms with everything that’s going on in my body. I have been signed off work for a month and I’m getting very worried and concerned as my company do not pay sick pay. Is there anyone that knows of help I can receive to pay my rent? Living costs? Unfortunately i can’t see myself going back to work for some time at the moment. Thank you. I appreciate any help that anyone can give. Sophie


What do you mean, they don’t pay sick pay? Without knowing more about your circumstances, on the face of it, that’s against the law. Sick pay isn’t an optional benefit, that employers can decide not to offer. Do you have a contract of employment, or are you some kind of self-employed contractor?

See this government site about it (although it’s the government, it’s quite straightforward):

I think clarification of exactly why you’re not getting sick pay would be the first step, as the only valid reason I can think of would be if you weren’t technically employed by them. But then, if you were supplied by an agency, the agency should be paying your sick pay…

Something wrong here. Is there a union or anything?


hi sophie

you may be entitled to employment support allowance.

get advice from CAB

carole x