Newly diagnosed

afternoon everyone so yesterday it was confirmed I had ms in-fact it was something i thought I had for a while although shocked ton actually find it’s been underlying for nearly 10 years.

in a way I’m glad I’ve a diagnosis can start moving in the right direction went for lunch with my cousin and had two

nice glasses of wine went to work Told my colleague today and said

ask as many questions this week and then we get on with it - I may not be as brave moving forward but I’m here to give it my next shot -

lets do this Rachel

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Hi Rachel

10 years! Blimey! That’s a bit of an eye opener.

I know you said last week that you were expecting the diagnosis. So clearly not a shock. But still you’ll wake up tomorrow with MS which you didn’t today. I hope that is better than being undiagnosed.

Did the neurologist tell you which variety they believe you have? I should think initially at least the diagnosis would be relapsing remitting, at least that means you should qualify for disease modifying drugs (DMDs).

Have you been given the contact details of an MS nurse yet? I hope so, a good one is worth his/her weight in Toblerone. S/he will help you through the maze of DMDs. To get you started, you could see The decision aid will give you all the info about the various drugs. When you see the neurologist again, you’ll perhaps have the choice of a few drugs, it’s not completely a free for all, you’ll find there are maybe three or four you get to choose from, but familiarity with them never hurts.

I’m glad you started out your diagnosed journey in good company and followed it with lunch and wine. There’s something nice about that. You may have gained a diagnosis, but you haven’t lost you.