Newly Diagnosed

Hello all

I’m 58 and was diagnosed with PPMS in October. Still hasn’t really sunk in.
I’m about half way through an 18 week wait to see a Neuro Physiotherapist, hoping they can get a little more life into my right leg which gets dragged along like a spare part!

Will pop back from time to time to see what’s going on in MS world.


The MS Society website have videos of exercises to try to keep you moving. I do some of them, but cannot lift up my right leg. So I do what I can, and have added in some upper body exercises of my own. As usual, I try to do too much, so do what you can, but build it up slowly. Overdoing it results in worrying pains.

I have had 12 years worth of problems with my right leg under orthopaedics, so a diagnosis of PMS, perhaps with an additional P to follow, was in fact a relief. To tell people you’ve got a ‘bad leg’ all the time, was so depressing… people just think you’re lazy…!

I’m also waiting for a neuro physio; a bowel and bladder investigation; a lumbar puncture, which I might opt out of; and an MS nurse…!!! Have you got an MS nurse yet…? It seems to be expected, but I haven’t had anybody yet. I have made a GP appointment for next week in case I haven’t gone through the right procedures…

This forum is a good place to reassure yourself that you are not the only one with these awful issues…


have you been having symptoms for a while or is this out of the blue wolvo

Symptoms started about 18 months ago, just thought it was a ‘dodgy’ leg and would eventually get better. It didn’t get better just got progressively worse. Being a typical bloke I put off going to the GP for ages. Finally went in June, got to see a Neurologist, had an MRI, and was diagnosed in October.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t have an MS nurse although I have heard/read a lot about them. Don’t know if or how i’ll get one.
Hoping the Neuro Physio will give me some more info.

I went privately to a neuro physio and it’s been worth all the money. She has worked miracles on my leg which was similar to how yours sounds. The exercises are barely exercises - more small controlled movements to ‘re-establish the connections’ and from needing sticks to walk outside I can now walk 2 or 3 miles independently. I’ve also been given a Functional Electrical Stimulator which our local health authority funds. That really helped initially and still helps if I’m walking further. If you can afford it, I would recommend you find someone near you.