Newly diagnosed with Clinical isolated syndrome

Hi everyone

I’m new to this and English is my second language so I apologise in advance for my grammar . My names Rhian and I’m 49 and was diagnosed with clinical isolated syndrome., which is first episode of MS . I had been experiencing dizzy spells for 2 months then one day they became worse and I was walking sideways, numbness to one side of my face, arm and leg I was diagnosed after an MRI and lumber puncture , this was 6 weeks ago and I’m still getting symptoms despite having steroid for three days . Has anyone else had theses symptoms and how long did they last ?also at first I was quite positive and upbeat but now I’m low in mood .

Any help would be appreciated

Rhian xxx

Hi, your grammar is better than a lot of the natives

I don’t know anything about clinically isolated syndrome so I googled it and came up with this…?

What is the likelihood of developing MS after a clinically isolated syndrome?

Natural history studies - long-term studies which chart the natural development of a condition over time - suggest that people who experience a clinically isolated syndrome have a less than 50% risk of developing MS within five years of experiencing their initial symptoms1.

There is no single test that can conclusively determine whether a person who experiences a clinically isolated syndrome will or will not go on to develop MS. However, researchers have tried to identify factors that might influence the likelihood of developing MS and help distinguish between people who have a higher or a lower risk. Though these classifications do not establish absolute risk of developing MS, they may help to guide people in making decisions about further testing or treatment.

So looking on the bright side and going by the above you have more than a 50% chance of not developing MS.

Best wishes

Jan x

Thanks jan for looking into CIS , I was told after the diagnosis I have a 75% chance of getting Ms as I have leasions and my lumber showed positive so I’m in limbo really . Thanks so much