Newly diagnosed. What happens next.

After 12 months in limbo finally got diagnosed with Ms today. It wasn’t a surprise but am still shocked cause really only went to doctors 12 months ago with numb feet. I just don’t know what happens next. Got an appointment with Ms nurses next month. IVe only ever had numb feet and dizziness.

Hi Pontosx

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis

Apart from having a name nothing has changed right now so take it easy until you meet the nurse. Have you been offered any medication?

I see the nurse next month. I guess that’s when they discuss the treatments right.

Hi, when you see your MS nurse she’ll go through your options with regard to DMD’s & answer any questions you might have. Disease Modifying Drugs (DMD) are usually offered to you if needed. The aim of these drugs are to lessen the amount of relapses you might have in the future & to reduce the severity of them, so it’s usually better to start DMD’s as soon as possible.

Write down any questions you may have for the nurse, sometimes, when this is new to you, it’s easy to forget what you want to ask, so try to make some reminders!

The good thing is that you’ve only had to wait for a year to be diagnosed (sometimes it can take very, very much longer) so if needed, you can start treatment very soon, that’s a big positive!

Good luck with everything

Rosina x

your ms nurse will be able to refer you to physiotherapy if you feel that you need it.

he/she can also refer you to occupational therapy to see if any adaptations or pieces of equipment can make life easier and safer for you.

it would be a good idea to start researching the different DMDs so that you have a fairly good idea of what the choices are.

try to relax as much as you can.

plan a good evening wih friends every now and then.

rest as much as you need to. don’t feel guilty about it.

i apologised to my family for how lazy i was becoming.

my youngest son (17 at the time) said “mum you’re the least lazy person i know”.

bless him, it reassured me.

carole x

touch wood but I’m ok physically with just tingling in my feet. I’ve had a few dizzy spells but was put on prochloperazine by my doctors and since then I’ve been ok. It’s just the not knowing what’s next that freaks me out. The what’s going happen next to me.

Sorry to hear your diagnosis but at least you know now and have some time to think about what you need to know and study up what the possible treatments might be.

The unknown and uncertainty in all this is the worst part. I don’t have a diagnosis yet but suspect I might soon.

Let me know how it goes.



My Wife has recently had Optical Neuritis which was diagnosed at Moorfields. We read that this could be a symptom of MS although the specialist said this is quite common & not necessarily a sign of MS. She has never had any symptoms of MS in the past. This all started happening at the beginning of Feb & she is now waiting for an MRI on March 23rd & then back to Moorfields on the 10th of April.

Her eye is now less painful & the blurring seems to be improving BUT she is now getting a numbness around her lips & mouth. Just wondered whether anyone else has had these symptoms as she is now very worried & we will not really have any diagnosis before April 10th?