Diagnosed - what now??

Hi, I have been recently and suddenly diagnosed with MS. I have been suffering with balance problems, vertigo, numbness and difficulty walking. My symptoms have subsided over the last 3 weeks but I am still struggling with walking and my legs feel like jelly.

I am feeling fed up as I am normally a very active person and I’m struggling to work out what happens next? Do I recover, go back to work ( I’m a teacher) and wait for the next time? When can I expect to get further medical support, I can’t see my doctor for four weeks, I am waiting for another neurologist appointment but the hospital have yet to inform my GP of my diagnosis. The MS nurses are yet to get in touch ( I know they are rushed off their feet) and I have emailed my local MS branch but no reply.

I am in limbo.

I have fantastic support from family and friends but they are as in the dark as I am.


Hi and Welcome Kirsty,

you will recover and get back to work. At your next appointment your doctor will probably discuss DMD treatments. If I were you try and read up about them as much as possible before your appointment. There is a section on this web site that will explain the options. From what I gather the best ones (ie the ones best at reducing relapses) have more side effects so you have to balance everything out. Relapses are assaults on the central nervous system by the immune system and you want to avoid these as much as possible.

Take |Care

Moyna x

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Hi Kirsty, sounds like you’re having a relapse now, it won’t last forever & should gradually fade away, as you’ve already noticed is happening. In the meantime have a good read about DMD’s. These drugs are designed to lessen the amount of relapses you might have in the future & also to cut down on how severe they might be.

Everything to do with MS takes a long time, you’ll have to be patient, eventually things will become clear. Keep a note of any symptoms you may have & anything new. As you already know, MS nurses are always very busy, but once your appointment with the neuro gets nearer things should fall into place. Perhaps a call to the neuro’s secretary may help things along, it’s worth a try…

Welcome to the forum, you’ll find so much info here to help you.

Good luck

Rosina x

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Things are looking up. Just the wobbly jelly legs left to deal with. I spoke to the neuro’s secretary who was very helpful and I joined the local branch of MS society. I am going to the hydro pool with some members tonight where I can meet new people and talk to a physio. I also drove my car for the first time in 3 weeks today - a big step for me. One of my husbands colleagues has MS and we are now Facebook friends - she has given me lots of good advice.

All in all, I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.