Newly diagnosed...scared and unsure

Hi everyone,

new here but after finding the site, it seemed a good place to get some reassurance

about the shock I’ve had today. After a month of optic neuritis, complete blindness in my right eye and slowly coming back I was told by the neurologist today I have RRMS.

i’ve apparently had 2 relapses in 6 months, 1 being the ON and firstly tingling/burning down my right side.

the Neuro as nice as he was, was positive and confident medication can help me. But now I’m left until I have appointments with MS nurse and another neuro to set out medication.

i just wanted some advice and other people’s experience with RRMS, has it changed your lives much? Is it as scary as it seems? All of known of MS is full blown, unable to move, eat etc which is why I’m terrified of what happens next…

although there were a lot of tears at first, I’m trying to get the mind set that it’s just what life has dealt me, and I either curl up or I get on with it and carry on as normal.

i just don’t know what to expect next with Drs, and generally how much my life will change - if at all.

any advice or reassurance will be massive help x

Hi Carly.

Please will you look at my reply to It’s for you too.


hi carly

yes it’s a shock to receive this diagnosis but it could be worse.

the range of DMDs is better than it has ever been so you can choose your weapon for this fight back.

spend as much time as possible researching the DMDs as it is a lot to take in at the appointment and you will be asked to decide there and then.

mostly we are advised to start on one of the injectibles but bear in mind that there are the new oral therapies too.

yeah it has changed my life but not all to the worse.

i have slowed down and now can smell the coffee, see the roses etc.

keep on with your life for as long as you can.

good luck

carole x

Hi Carly

I’ve replied to too but it’s just as appropriate for you.