Newly diagnosed - dmds

Hiya, I was diagnosed yesterday and have been offered dmds. Has anyone any advice?

My advice would be to absolutely seize the opportunity with both hands! Dmds used early as possible will considerably cut the number of relapses you may have in the future. I think one called plegridy seems pretty good as you only need to inject via a pen, every 2 weeks (doesn’t hurt at all)

some patients have to really fight to get into these dmds so I think it’s great you have been offered them straight away.

sorry to hear of your diagnosis but try to think as positively as possible. MS is absolutely not something to stop you in your tracks - you will just need to learn to be kind to yourself and rest when you need to. The advancements they are making with meds are incredible! I have many friends in their 70s with MS who are hardly bothered by it at all! In fact, they have a greater zest for life and mobility than people without it!

good luck with everything and make sure to get on those dmds as soon as you can!

Keira xx

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Agree 100% with Keira,good advice! T

Ah, thanks Terry! X

Np :0)

Thanks Keira, think its been a bit of a shock as been diagnosed in 9 months. Been offered the tablet form at the moment, but just have to decide between which one? Thanks 4 your reply, love your positivity! Sam xx

Hi, sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Keira is right in my opinion. You have been offered dmd so soon after diagnosis so do your homework and grab the drug that seems right for you. I was lucky too and chose Tysabri soon after diagnosis. I’m glad I did. Good luck with your choice and I hope it works for you x

I still have a numb face and pins and needles in my arm. I have a numbness around my core and sometimes numb legs! Will I ever feel normal??

I found after my diagnosis a few months ago that ‘normal’ is not what it used to be. You will find your ‘normal’ in time. All the best xx

Nothing ever stays the same in life - relationships change, jobs change - even friends change. I honestly think that the hardest part of MS is going from being “normal” to the shock situation of sitting in a clinical environment and hearing those words that you never thought would be directed at you.

BUT - our life expectancy hasn’t changed!!! A lot of the time something like arthritis is much harder to live with them MS - it’s just that MS sounds so much scarier.

These constant sensory companions like numbness, pins and needles and burning etc… are frustrating but certainly not as limiting as a huge majority of other things out there.

i have been blown away by the strength of so many people on this forum and the genuine kindness if people like Tina and Alison - always there to comfort and reassure newbies time and again.

MS may not be the world I thought I was going to enter in 2015… But if it means joining a community of kind, strong and inspiring people - I am delighted to be allowed in!!! They say you are given the life you are strong enough to live.

lets never forget how amazing these new meds are - some even REVERSING damage! I think that every single person reading this - with MS, worried about a looming diagnosis, friend of someone with MS - whatever your reason for being here - should congratulate themselves for being strong enough to take their time to educate themselves about this disease by being on the forum and leaning on each other. We could all be killed in a car/plane crash tomorrow… Love your family and pour a well deserved glass of wine.

i feel fortunate to be part of this unique community

keira X

Dear Keira, Pops and Terry

Thank you for your posts on here, and thank you Sammymag for asking your question. The advice is really helpful.