Newly diagnosed and feeling a bit overwhelmed


I was diagnosed with MS on the 28th March, after having, what the neurologist believes to be, my second relapse (I had my first last October but it was diagnosed as something different). I honestly don’t think it’s really hit me yet, I know that I haven’t really come to terms with the diagnosis. It couldn’t have come at a worse time really, I’m a third year English Literature student and I was supposed to hand my dissertation in this Wednesday, but due to my diagnosis and symptoms I may not be able to complete my final year now, I might have to do it all again next year.

I have been referred to the MS clinic at Salford Royal Hospital and I am waiting for an appointment with the consultant to discuss treatments. I am terrified of what the future holds. I am a person who likes to plan everything and to know what’s coming, and I feel that has been taken away from me. I am so angry right now, I feel constantly on the verge of a breakdown. I don’t know how I’m going to cope. I am so scared.

Hi, sorry to hear of your diagnosis, its a tough thing to get your head round and there is no quick way, I was dx in Feb and I’m still struggling. Do you have any family or friends you can talk to about things? There is a lot of useful info on this website. I find the more information I have the less scary I find things. It’s a shame about your uni dissertation, but maybe better that you do it again when you have not got all this extra stress to worry about? I know feeling like things are out of your control can be scary, just try to take each day as it comes. If the stress and worry is getting really bad maybe go and ask your Gp about some counselling, it can be really helpful? I wish there was some magic answer to make u feel better, however this forum is very helpful when you just need somebody to talk too :slight_smile: Laura x

Hi there, Sorry about your diagnosis - it is hard to get your head round it and that won’t happen straightaway. It will take time and you need to take your life day- by-day. Do not look too far forward or think about what might happen. You will probably have to make adaptations to your life to accommodate the MS but you can still have a fulfilling life with holidays, marriage, children etc. If that is what you want. Life doesn’t stop because of diagnosis but carries on. Just because you have a label now, doesn’t mean you are a different person. You are still you! It’s not the end of the world if you take your final year at uni again - you have your whole life in front of you! It’s just a nuisance. I hope you have plenty of support from your friends and family - that will really help. Remember though that we are here if you want to vent or rant and rave or even jet find out info. We are happy to help. Look after yourself, Teresa xx

Just not jet. Stupid predictive text! xx