Newly diagnosed 2024


I’ve been diagnosed only in feb.
I’ve had a first appointment with my ms nurse.
Does anyone have any tips or things they do at home

Thank you


What issues has your MS been causing you?

Hi There. What kind of MS have you been diagnosed with and what are your symptoms? Please don’t feel you have yo reply, it’s just different people with MS have different needs.

Hey there @Lovesspain
Welcome. I’m housebound most days now, but I do my 25-30 minutes physiotherapy exercises every morning: any more than that and I don’t have much energy to do anything else for the rest of the day; yes, regular exercise will definitely help in the long run.
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I had optic neuritis
Tingly feet and hands
Pains in legs and arms (electric shock pains)
Balance issues

Hello there. It’s 18years since my diagnosis but I follow the general guidelines on exercise, diet, avoiding stress - through mindfulness and meditation - and taking Vitamin D supplements.

I think that the MS Society has just started some online webinars for newly diagnosed (have a look at the homepage)