Hi there just hoping to get some advice about ms.Was told i had t in feb 20014 as had a relaspe richt arm and leg fill like lead. My neuro is lovely and has put me on tysabri first one done second in two weeks.This has been very scary for me but reading on here has given me hope. Had a serious second relaspe 4 weeks ago lost sight in both eyes scary felt like i was living in a cave.On strong steriods now two weeks left t take it is clearing a bit can see some light but everything is blurry.How long does this last? im so worried it will not go back to notmal sorry about spelling as cant see very well. Has anyone had any experience with this and how long does it last i just want to see everything clearly aga in will suffer right side pain havent been out for two weeks to scared i use a stick but just dont feel cofatable doing it .

Ant advice would be great#

Thank you


Hello Tracy and welcome to the forum. I’ve only ever totally lost my sight for about 10 minutes and it scared the hell out of me so in a very small way I can relate to you. Heavy legs and arms are recognised symptoms which at times we all suffer with. Steroids will defo’ help you but it takes time and a heck of a lot of patience. The drug you are on I have never used so I can’t comment I’m afraid. I’m sure someone who has/is will come along and be able to tell you more. In the meantime take care and try a rollator it is more stable than a stick. Sending you (((((HUGS))))) and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Janet x