Newbie to the forum

Hi all
I am extremely new to this but wanted to join as you have all helped me sooooo much in the past.
Where to start… 1997
I was 27 just had my 2nd baby, well he was 6 months old and my world was about to fall apart.
To cut an incredibly long story short
After being sent to the hospital and having blood tests, scans, a lumbar puncture I finally got told I had RRMS, I had to learn to walk again, when I passed the stairs challenge in Jimmy’s, I got to go home, reuniting with my baby Son, my Daughter and wonderful hubby.
I got 10 more years before relapses started i very quickly transitioned to a wheelchair and I was put on injections 3 times a day, had to stop them as I was starting to suffer side effects , then I was given baclofen ( muscle relaxation) 5mg x 2 to take daily plus vesicare 10 mg x 1 before bed (bladder control). I was then told I now have secondary progressive MS.
I am 52 this year, I have had my covid jabs and the booster, after the 1st jab I suffered really bad side effects, I can make transfers from my wheelchair to bed car, toilet, seat by using a transfer aid, a turntable, well I couldn’t do anything, grab, stand, anything it was a tuff time but after 24hrs , it passed and everything went back to normal so you can understand why i was a bit hesitant to follow up with the 2nd and the booster jabs but I did and I was fine, thankfully.
Why I have decided to post today is because I have been reading what everyone has been saying about codeine.
Last week I got really bad excruciating pains in my stomach and under my chest, so I started with codeine then waited and had 2 paracetamol, the pain wasn’t going so I kept on with the painkillers anyway it finally stopped, with the aid of a hot water bottle, honestly, I couldn’t believe it, anyway the next day, I ended up very weak, not being able to do my usual activities much like after my 1st covid jab, I have had codeine where it has made me sick and dizzy, headachy, kinda feel out of it but never to the stage that I can’t do anything, I’m starting to wonder if I might of gone over the limit I’m supposed to take, the good news though is I am getting stronger, no relapses, thank goodness, but have since made the decision to cut codeine out of my life, stick to paracetamol and ibuprofen and a good old hot water bottle.
Stay positive, stay safe and keep smiling :smiley:

Hi Gemini, welcoe to the gang…although you’re not new to good old MS eh?

I’ve had PPMS 24 years. I rely heavily on hubby and 2 carers for all personal care, meals and outings. Been a full time wheelie for eons too.

Now codeine…I hate the little blighters! They make me very dizzy and nauseous…keep away from em altogether.

I’m 69 and retired from work on ill health at 47.

I’ve got covid now, but thankfully, it is a mild case.

Keep safe chick.