Newbie just starting on the long road...

Hello everyone,

I’m new to the forum but hoping that I can find some solace here.

I went to the GP this morning to discuss symptoms that I’ve been having both long- and short-term, which in my mind are indicative of MS. They include pins and needles in my hands and feet, dizziness, visual disturbances, shaking / internal buzzing, weakness and fatigue. I am the ideal candidate for MS, being female, late 30s, and having a history of autoimmunity (I have autoimmune thyroid disease).

The GP finally decided to refer me to a neurologist after I had to defend myself against the ‘oh you have a history of anxiety, it’s probably just that’ argument. I’ve worked hard on managing my anxiety but the symptoms remain… I’m not sure whether to take comfort in his decision or not! On the one hand he is being cautious and expecting a negative result; on the other he says all the symptoms fit.

I will also have blood tests in a couple of weeks to diagnose or rule out anything else such as diabetes or B12 deficiency. Can’t see it being these, myself.

Anyway, that’s where I’m up to. Feeling quite scared but also weirdly detached…I’m sure the tears will come later

Thanks for reading, everyone. It helps just to know that you all understand what I’m waffling on about!

Im in a similar boat…ive had symptoms of eye pain & blurred vision, pins and needles, feeling hot amd pclammy, tinnitus and increased frequency of urination…ive been to my GP twice and they have given me the same diagnosis twice - generalised anxiety. I have a history of IBS and eczema. Im going back tomorrow to ask again for a neurology review and a work up…the panic and uncertainty is ruining me :frowning: Feeling pretty detached also…

Hi Pocketpig,

As you say just starting on the long road…and there’s no way to sweet pill it; it is at present a long road but once your over the crying; grieving period you still have a life to lead.

You should ask yourself what type of life you want. Sure MS puts obstacles’ in your way but hey; life brings everyone obstacles’. You must learn to accept the things put in your way; don’t fight them as MS will win; roll with them; you will probably get a lot better; remember the less attacks you get the less permanent disablement that’s why DMD’S play such an important role.

Hyper or Hypothyroidism can cause symptoms as you describe so your appointment with the Neurologist is important. This is the correct procedure for diagnosis this was written by a doctor about his diagnosis.

To be quite honest you youngsters should think that MS might not be a lifelong complaint. Although I do not recommend HSCT as present as shown on the BBC Panorama as I cannot quite understand people taking a treatment when there is a 1% chance of death. Still its horses for courses I suppose; I’ve been so lucky; never felt suicidal; love life; if they want me I’ll be fighting and screaming.

Since Charcot first discovered MS in 1861 it’s only the last 20 years great strides have been made; MRI’s; DMD’s; Stem Cells believe me when I say your biggest worry in the next 20 years will be paying your mortgage.

Live life and prosper.