Hi I’ve only posted on here once before I’ve had Ms for 4 yrs I’ve only had one attack which effected my r hand side of body and eventually went back to normal. So I’ve only had one clinical isolated symptom.

I can definitely feel I have Ms except I look and act normal I feel more awkward than I used to and feel slightly off balance, my worse symptom is the fatigue it seems to come and go every 3 or 4 months or so, can anyone tell me is any type of fatigue a relapse as at the moment I am completely exhausted to the point of just having a shower wipes me out,and makes me feel ill, I never feel sleepy just exhausted.

i am perimenopausl and have been putting concentration problems and memory problems down to this but now I’m not so sure.

i was on Hrt but have stopped in the past couple of weeks for a test Im having in January to see if my body is producing the correct amount of steroids, before being referred back to my neurologist to start a medication for fatigue as everything else would have been ruled out.

my nuro sent me to get checked by a consultant first as I have an under active thyroid and seemed to think this could be the cause of my fatigue.

can anyone tell me if Hrt helps with their Ms ?

many thanks

hi smokey

fatigue is the worse symptom of all.

i find it more disabling than my drunken walk!

no idea about HRT my menopause must have happened when i was in my early forties.

i had a blood test which told my nurse that i was past menopause.

anyway at least this bumps you to the top of the forum

carole x

Hi Carol

thanks for taking the time to reply, do you get your fatigue permantly or does it vary I. Serverity?

​it has just about wiped me out this time, how do you manage to get stuff done at home? I have a very supportive husband luckily and he has just spent two hrs wrapping presents as I can’t.

do you get the brain thing where you just can’t concentrate on what your doing or maybe that’s just me.

I’ve just put my hrt patch back on last night as I’m sure I am worse when I stopped 2weeks ago today I thing I noticed a difference but I’m still not back to my shall we say normal fatigue self.

i hope you are doing ok today and have a lovely Christmas x