New treatment?

Hi, I was looking at the herald scotland website which has an interesting article on new investigations into an ms treatment. If you follow this link it should take you to the article, interesting reading: Worth a look. Stay well, Rob

Unfortunately whilst this may long term be a very helpful development it has been going on for some time and even if it does yield some useful therapeutic targets it will be many years before any drugs get developed to treat those targets .Really anyone with MS now needs to decide what they are going to do now from the available options now. This means the licenced DMD’s if they available to you and you are happy with the current evidence of their benefit /risk or the other non - approved but never the less available treatments if you like the evidence for them CCSVI / LDN/ Diets to name just 3 fairly frequently used options. Unfortunately if you take the non - approved options then you probably will have to pay for them although some PCT’s will fund LDN.