New Treatment for Progressive MS.

l read this in this weeks New Pathways magazine - page 10. Quote.


French firm MedDay has announced encouraging results for an MS drug trial, saying is decreased progress and in some cases led to a ‘‘significant improvement’’ for patients.

‘‘This is the first time a drug has been able to decrease the rate of disease progression in addition to improving a significant proportion of patients with progressive MS,’’ said MedDay CEO Frederic Sedel.

The drug, MD1003, has now undergone a Phase 111 clinical trial, the initial results were '‘encouraging’'according to principal investigator Professor Ayman Tourbah.

The application process to license the drug will begin when all the test results are in, which is expected to be by the end of the year.


l can understand them wanting to try to patent the Biotin - and make some money out of it. But when we can buy the pure pharma grade powder Biotin - quite easily - from places like Bulk Supplements US or Pure Bulk US. Then why should we have to wait - possibly years to start it.

The facebook group Biotin for Progressive MS - has now over 700 members in only 6weeks. Lots of intelligent folk on this global group - and very interesting they all are. A chance to look into the lives of others with progressive ms worldwide.

So apart from the Biotin B7 and also Thiamine B1 which also helps so much with fatigue/ energy boosting. Other information has also been very interesting.

Not many people have any confidence in their Neuros - so nothing new there!! And in US - many compounding pharmacies are already cashing in on making biotin capsules - and charging the earth for them. ln USA - its the private health insurers who decide what they are going pay out for.

Here, in the UK, we have to wait a lifetime for anything new to be accepted by our NHS.

For most of us with PPMS/SPMS - do we want to wait - can we afford to wait? People risk their lives taking dmd’s like Tysabri - and liver damage from other meds. The B vitamins are all safe - as they are water-soluble. What you do not use - you just pee out.

So do think about joining the facebook group Biotin for Progressive MS - and see for yourself.

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Hi spacejacket this looks great, how are you getting on with it now? I’m taking about 100mg a day not really doing anything yet

Kris, On the trial 300mg to 600mg of pure biotin was used, daily. Are you using the pure powder?

No not sure where you get it from?

ive spoken to the MD of medday about this and their European UK distributor, they expect to have it available next year, he also states he thinks it’s a remyelination drug not just symptom control as some have suggested, they also say it’s shown improvements in optic neuritis which shows its possibly a regenerative drug

whwre do you get the powder from? I’m taking so much crap right now

You say phase 3 trials. That is good as the last was phase 2 and they were not quite as promising as we had hoped.

I am on the powder now and I feel stronger. I am getting quite good now at judging the amount of powder to put on the scales.

Moyna xxx

Kris - Read my previous post - it tells you - Bulk Supplements US. 100g cost £120 for 333+days worth.

Thanks again

how are you taking it powder wise? Is it in a drink etc?

Hi Kris,

I have the powder and scales. I take 100g with food 3 times a day. I measure it out on rice paper and put the lot in my mouth. This was a tip I got from space jacket.

How are you by the way ? Are you having any more tests ? Have the neuros suggested any other conditions it could be other than MS ?

Moyna x

Hi moyna

ive got nerve test Wednesday then neuro again soon too, saw a private doctor last week who said if it is Ms it’s atypical as far as she’s concerned

im ok my biggest isues right now are arm and leg pains, both sides but more so left leg right arm, the legs are like a pinching crampy pain really painful and then tjeres the tingking lol it’s not a laugh that’s for sure

how are you getting on? I read more about radiation damage and apparently it can cause neuro issues but shouldn’t progress really should cause isolated issues although they may be constant