New topic?

I thought I had this new forum sussed! Today ‘new topic’ is available, was it me or the website that was unavailable yesterday for New Topic?

Am I really expecting a reply?
Watch this space…

I thought ‘new topic’ was when someone posted something new. So if no one had posted there would be no new topics. But I stand happily to be corrected

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No, I think you’re right Moirah. New topics are specific to each user. So when I log in, there are usually some topics that I’ve not read. Once I’ve opened the topic (read it or not, answered it or not), it disappears from ‘New’. It can still appear in the ‘latest’ list though.

Odd, but somehow it’s kind of making some sort of sense.



We learn something new every day or not if you’d read it previously :heart:M x

I read new things every day. At least I think they’re new. I don’t understand why my kindle tells me the last page read was not page one though. Or why it tells me I bought the ‘new’ title a couple of months or years ago.


The site’s been doing weird things to me all week. I don’t think it’s us.