New forum... teething troubles!

My goodness I can’t believe that list of topics for New Thread… crikey… is that necessary?!

Anyway I just wanted to say that some of you old users (like me!) will remember when we went over to the new forum about 4 years ago I think? It did take a while to sort the teething troubles out so hang on in here… it will get sorted.

The reason I post this is because we lost some users last time who just gave up… so please gang don’t give up!

On another subject entirely, did anyone listen to Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 this morning? They did a piece on the brand new ‘Neurological Regenerative Centre’ in Edinburgh funded by JK Rowling. Spoke about the work they’re doing there into neuro conditions inc MS. Also spoke to a woman with MS who had been involved in the design. Interesting. Sounded like a lovely place… not like a hospital at all.

Any of our Scottish users been there?

Overcast and cooler in London.

Pat xx

Overcast here to but still got the fan on keeping me cool I know what you mean about that silly list I think it is about 120 odd items and it is not even in abc order. I cant spell alphabetical . I was going to give up but then it just clicked and I thought you guys would be lost without me around so here I am plus I would miss you lot etc etc. Its change and at our age we dont do change do we?

I am struggling to find how to link my blog posts I even tried HTML but no go.

Gotta go LUNCH everything stops for food

You were absolutely spot on Don …we would miss you big time and quite honestly on this section, does a topic really matter!

nina x