new to this site

Hi everyone I hope u all had a nice Xmas, I think I’m having a relapse but not to sure. It started yesterday when I got up, i found my body just didn’t want to work, I felt so drained that I just made it done the stairs. My head was pounding and legs were heavily. I spent the whole day in and out of sleep and laying down which ant me at all, I never sit down, anyway went t o bed got up today and went to work as normal, got home Sat down and my leg started hurting to the point of m e not being able to walk on it, the pain is unreal I’ve never had pain like this before. Then an hour ago the other leg did the same thing, I can’t walk at all now, feels like my muscles are going to pop. Has anyone else had this or know if it could be a relapse. If it is a relapse who should I contact doctor or ms nurse. sorry for going on a lot I’m just confused. Many thanks lisa

Hi lisa

I get painful legs from time to time, not sure if it will help you at all but I take a magnesium vitamin tablet (got mine from Tesco) when my leg plays up and this helps a little.

Might be worth a try.

All the best

Thankyou number 08 I will pop down there in the morning for some and see if that helps.

Hi Lisa

I’m pretty new to MS too (SPMS April) its a long learning curve , but you will find great advice

from other MSers .

thanks number8 for the tip (magnesium vitamin) going to give it try!


Hello and welcome to this wonderful site, I was born a helper too, it can be a curse when you need help yourself and its a new art to learn to ask for it. What took me by surprise when I plucked up the courage to ask for support from my family is that suddenly they felt included in my journey and it helped them to know what to do for me, it gave them direction as they just did not know what to do as they where used to me making the decisions for them. Dont get me wrong I am still heavily involved in the running of my family but now they will say to me, you look tired, you rest and i will make you a brew (this attitude helps me and encourages me to slow down). My family now have a better understanding of me.

hope this helps and good luck xx