new to this site


I am new to this site so apologies if my thoughts seem scattered. There are so many questions that i have and concerns.

A quick history…

I have had memory problems for many years. Memory which can vary day to day. for example on one day i can add up items in my basket at the checkout and other days i struggle to add up change in my pocket.(i dont seem to know what i am looking at! if that makes any sense. My recall is bad and i have problems getting words out sometimes. I may say telephone instead of TV or know something starts with a J but need time to pull the rest of the word out. I have been on B12 for approx 6 years. I saw a neurologist at the time and he felt that my memory problems were due to unresolved issues around my early experience of sexual abuse!! even though i said that it was not. I felt that i could not push the issue further as then he could say ‘see youre getting angry’ …ha ha

I have experienced pains in my ribs and wondered if this was the MS hug. The first time i felt this probably 6 years +ago i went to the doctor and all he said was it is strange to pull a muscle between the ribs. Since then when i have felt this pain i have dismissed it due to the doctors comments.

I have problems with my bladder (urinary/urgent incontinence) and have being seeing urology/physio etc for 4 years. I am currently on Betmiga for this. I am seeing my urologist in a couple of weeks time.

I have had a recent ‘episode’ that rendered me being off work. This is my third week off.

It started with a urine infection and then i experienced pains in my right leg. It was like a hyper sensitivity which has now left me with a tightening behind my knee and a limp. I have been to the GP several times in the last two weeks and she has put me on Amatriptoline and i am to see a neurologist. All my blood tests have come back normal.

I am feeling rater fatiqued but this is variable depending what i do.

I have had stabbing pains behing my right eye but no problems with vision. Is it worth popping into specsavers for an eye test??

I have over many years felt that i have banged my head against a brick wall, continually mentioning all my problems to the GP and certainly now bringing all my concerns together leads me to consider that i may have MS.

So now its a waiting game, which i am struggling with. I have been told it could be thirteen weeks to see a neurologist…How do people manage?

Hi Evejam and welcome to the forum :slight_smile: It’s hard when you have physical symptoms and doctors around you pass things off as unresolved emotional problems. The thing to remember is you know your body better than any dr ever could, so be prepared to question their diagnosis and don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion if you feel you need one. The pain behind your eye needs looking at, either by an optician or asking your GP for a referral to an ophthalmologist at your local hospital. Do get it checked out soon though. It can take an awfully long time to see a neuro, there is not enough of them to go round! You could try ringing the neuro secretary and letting them know you will take any cancelations they get-might help the wait. In the meantime try not to worry about things as far as possible, take every day as it comes and be kind to yourself. There are loads of friendly helpful people here too when you needs chat or a rant! Best of luck, let us know how you get on? Laura x


I’ve had eye strain that felt like a stabbing pain but you need to get it checked. If it is optics the optician can sort it out but they are also a frontline for eye health and can refer you on to an ophthalmologist. An advantage over a GP, is being able to do a full optometrist test and the extra gadgets they have but either way do get it checked out soon.

Waiting for neuro, MRI ,etc appointments is so fustrating!


Thanks for that…

I have already made the neuro team that i am available at short notice for any cancellation appointment. I have rung them today and they have asked me to ring back on wednesday to see if they have booked me in for an appointment. They have to be graded first…

I am going into town later with my partner so i will also check out having an eye test done. When i was at the doctors there was so much i wanted to tell her that when she asked if i had any problems with my vision i said no and failed to tell her about the pain in my right eye.

are you aware if there is any link between head trauma and MS?



A quick google of head trauma and MS gave me this paper :

Hope it helps

Thank you for that link.

I have been into the optitians today and they say that i have perfect vision but need a check up in one year…I have dropped into the STD clinic and had bloods taken for HIV and Syphillis so i can give these results to the Neuro when i get my appointment.

Is there anything else i can do /rule out before my appointment?

Thank you