New to this forum

Hi, I’ve just joined so this is a test message because I’m working out how to use this forum.

Hi Nick, congratulations on your maiden post, it was successful.


Hi Nick,

Welcome to the Forum.

What’s on your mind?



Hi Nick. Welcome aboard the good ship MS. it’s a great place to hang out. Mostly great people,a mine of either useful or useless information (depending on how you view it) a constant source of amusement (again, depending on your views and humour). The only bad thing is you never really get to leave the vessel, but the best thing is you can wear whatever you like, your hair can look a mess at times, you can cry and rant and rage and everyone here won’t mind. Tell us how you’re doing.

Hello Nick

Welcome to the forum. You can come and go as you please, just chat, ask questions (which we’ll do our best to answer if possible), tell your lifestory, or offer tips and tricks on how to manage poxy MS.

In general, we’re a pretty inclusive and friendly bunch. So feel free to post whatever’s on your mind.


Thanks Poppy,

My hair never looks a mess. It looks exactly like my profile picture… haha

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Thanks Sue,

I’m new to this forum (I found it last night) and I’m relatively new to this “poxy ms”. I had an MRI in February and was diagnosed a few days later

After a quick 5 day course of Medrone steroids, the neurologist explained that I probably have secondary progressive ms but, as I said, I’m new to this so at the moment I’m still trying to get my head around all this new information.


I just realised I was replying to people individually instead of posting for everybody to see. As I said, I’m still new to this


Everyone can see all your replies, so what you’ve done is fine, or you can just reply en masse.

How were you diagnosed with secondary progressive? Have you been having relapses and just not picked up on them? Did the steroids work? Ie, did your symptoms even partially improve?

MS is a poxy disease (I try to avoid having my language moderated, but sometimes words just slip out); being diagnosed as progressive from the outset is a double sod of a thing. Mostly people who’ve not had previous relapses are diagnosed with relapsing remitting unless there’s clear evidence that you don’t have a current inflammatory pattern. Or they are diagnosed with primary progressive. Either kind of progressive is a bugger since there are no disease modifying drugs available for either SP or PP.