New to this, awaiting first neurology appointment

Hi All. Bit of my history (not sure how much is related to current situation but hey ho) - I’m 40, female, two young children under 10 and have had pain in my right leg for a few years, used to be sciatic-type pain (pain management escalated until i was taking baclofen and having physio), then it subsided. Was never sure if it was linked to a fall I had a few years ago when my ankle just seemed to give and I landed badly on my knee. Anyway around the time i was having physio for it I had my first episode of trigeminal neuralgia, also on the right side of my mouth. Lasted a few weeks, saw a dentist who couldn’t find any dental cause but when it went away I didn’t give it any further thought.

Fast forward to about a year later, more right sided leg pain, this time not sciatic but seeming to start in my ankle. More physio, confirmed tight tibalis muscles. Also pins and needles in right foot. Progressed to pins and needles in right arm too, and then what made me see GP was a recurrent bout of trigeminal neuralgia, though not as severe or long lasting as last time a year ago. Few episodes of headaches, sometimes with dizziness.

GP did lots of blood tests, all within normal ranges. Tested my reflexes and they were exaggerated or brisk, only on right side. This is when he told me I’d need a referral to neurology. So that’s what I’m waiting on now. I haven’t had any vision problems nor bladder problems (except a bit of increased urgency/more frequently needing to go but had put that down to age as it’s not severe). The trigeminal neuralgia scares me the most as it’s such a horrible pain, and I did get a bit worried when my reflex responses were so different from one side to the other but apart from that I don’t feel too bad.

Waiting game now. GP mentioned MS as one possible neurological condition, but did state it’s only one possibility. Thanks for reading my post, helps to get it all out of my head!

Sorry to here about the problems you’ve had.

Be prepared to wait a long time for the neurologist, I was referred back in May and haven’t received a date for my appointment yet. I managed to get hold of the admin team at neurology in the hospital I’ve been referred to and they said I’m going to be waiting a long time yet. Update your GP with any new symptoms if they appear and if anything happens that could be more serious (even if you’re sure it’s related to this) take yourself to a&e. For example if you develop weakness down one side. That’s the advice my GP gave me. I’m glad you’ve already been able to access pain management services, my GP recently referred me whilst I wait for neurology but I haven’t heard anything from them yet either.

Thanks Joe. I hope you get sorted soon. Yes, GP said to phone if anything worsened - hopefully I won’t have to!