New to the MS society

Hello everyone,

I am a new member here…

Not sure if the forum welcome the one who live out of UK.

Confirmed diagnosis 9 moths ago and would like to find somewhere to connect with the MS buddies.

Anyway nice to meet you all.

hi rene

we are all one big family here so you are welcome.

you will soon find your way around these forums.

i don’t sleep long so it’s a good way to while away another sleepless night!

if you want advice there are loads of people who give good advice.

if you want madness, try the Brain fog thread but don’t try to read it all at once - it’s goes back more than a year.

the regulars call themselves fogwits!

i’m proud to be a fogwit!

hope you settle in quickly.

carole x

Hello Rene

We welcome all members regardless of whether they are living in the U.K. or not.

You’ll find we’re generally a relatively good natured, friendly bunch. Obviously the Foggies are mad as a barrel full of frogs, but still welcoming to all.