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Hi there, I am new to the group and have loved exploring the forum. My m-in-law was diagnosed around 15 years ago but in the last few years symptoms have gradually gotten worse. F-in-law cares for her at home, no support wrapped around them as yet and we are at that stage of helping explore this. Change of meds has shown a few progressions in symptoms, mainly balance, memory, fatigue, incontinence. We are over an hour away and have a young family of our own, I would like to support my husband in helping find out as much as we can about care, care for carer and home adjustments etc that may be needed as symptoms progress. Not sure where to start. Any comments or info all greatly appreciated, many thanks Dx

Hi Daleg

It all depends where your m-in-law needs the most help; obviously walking aids from sticks to walkers to scooters can be checked out. Around the house, grab rails (especially in the bathroom/toilet), ramps and/or half-steps (if there is a door step - to make it a bit easier to step up halfway, then the main step and into the house). Memory aids aplenty - from the weekly sectioned pill box, to calendar reminders on the phone etc. I have a large whiteboard with stuff on it too.

A good place to start would be to get her home checked out by an Occupational Therapist and see what improvements can be made.

Occupational therapy - NHS (

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Yes Occupational Therapy, their GP, and also Social services, maybe you have a local MS group in your area that can open door for you