New to Baclofen. How long before it works???


Had appoint with neuro/MS nurse yesterday and they have prescribed me baclofen to help with the stiffness/tightness I am experiencing at the moment. I have been told to take 5mg at night for a week,then 10 mg at night for a week then increase to 10mg twice a day. Just wanted to know how other baclofen users get on with the drug and how long will it be before I see any improvements.

Also experiencing lots of other neuropathic symptons at mo-tingling,burning sensations in legs,face feet and currently take 25mg of amiltryptiline for that too. I don’t think they want to put me on steroids yet, nurse mentioned possibly increasing dose of amiltryptiline to see if that helps.

Also on rebif which I started last August-so if this is a relapse I am hoping the rebif will make it shorter.

Any replies appreciated


Hello Cathy,

Baclofen takes a few daqs to kickin It stops my muscles contracting and giving me cramp. I’m on 2 a day and take it as soon as I get up and last thing at night. It certainly helps me. I was perscribed it 3 times a day but legs turned to jelly, no strength in knees so went back to twice.

Good luck,


Hi Cathy

I’ve been on Baclofen for about for years now and wouldnt be without it,I take it for spasms and jumpy legs. As you have been advised build it up slowly and you will find a dosage that is right for you. I take 20ml in the day time and 30ml before bed as this is when my legs decide its a good time to riverdance. You may find that a low dose is all you need but you can go up to 90 but you should be discussing higher dosages with your nurse before doing so.

Let us know how you find it.

Take care