New symptoms ... numb fingertips?

Hi everyone

I’ve not yet been diagnosed with anything but I’m getting worried about another symptom to add to the list.

Since Thursday last week I’ve had a slight numbness on the prints of all fingers on my right hand. It’s not very severe and gets a little better, then a little worse again. The pads are also slightly tender to the touch. Does that sound like it could be an MS issue? It’s been there for about five days now. My left hand is the same but to a much lesser degree.

Also … one for the ladies … does MS interfere with your cycle and hormones more generally? I’m all over the place with periods and my husband is fearing for his life :slight_smile:




yes I’ve had a numb index finger and thumb for a couple of years now. I’ve just got used to it, sometimes it’s barely noticable, sometimes quite painful. My Neuro confirmed it’s one of the more common shared symptoms.

There’s nothing you can do about it really, but mention it at your next MS appointment just to keep a record.

I’m nine years post-menopause so can’t help re periods, my MS was diagnosed in 2015 so never experienced the two together!

Hi Wobbly,

My fingers are, bizarrely, numb and stinging at the same time.

It feels as if I’ve got sand under my skin. I take Pregabalin for neuropathic pain.

It makis typnig vrey dfficluit.


I get the numb and stinging anomaly - it feels like a nettle sting to me.

Yes, I have numbness in the tip of my right index finger. Had it for about eight months and I also had an electric shock feeling shooting into my finger next to it, this just lasted for a week though x


Numb fingers ,loss of sense of touch and temperature were one of my first symptoms that made me go to the Dr in 1989.

Also have, what I describe as, squashy feet, similar thing to hands.

Sent to a neurologist but thought it was trapped nerve. No MRIs that long ago.

Was diagnosed in 1998.

Cycle was fine. Getting hot flushes now (read vitamin D delays menopause, I’m 56, so maybe it does!!)

Hope you get some answers.

Jen x